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Recommended action downloads:
Enter the kill zone with "Crimsonland"
Kill the Aliens to survive "Alien Shooter"
Awesome breakout action "Ricochet Lost Worlds"


Don't want to kill anything today?
Feel like a quick hand of poker?
Or are quiz games more your bag?
If you do like quizzes, try *Trivia Machine* (use the search bar above to find it quickly)
Trivia Machine is really good fun, with 9 catagories, 1000s of quiz questions (elementary-scholar-genius!!)
with new questions downloaded automatically, you may never see the same question twice.
Fun to play alone.
BUT serious fun to play during coffee breaks, as high scores are logged and put on a live daily high score list.
Resulting in office vs office, section vs section and company vs company local, national and global trivia battles.
The water cooler may never be the same again.
BEWARE, this game is highly addictive (especially if you're winning!)
*Cyber General Government wealth warning!

If you're looking for PS2 "Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas" "Mercenaries" "Kill Zone" "Call Of Duty" etc
Playstation 1, XBOX, Nintendo, SEGA and the like. I have put a direct link to J& below.
You can get all that stuff there (no free games though, 'cos ya gotta buy 'em)


Lots and lots of free indie games and computer game downloads to demo.
Escape from a busy day, play against your buddies, enter the kill zone to become tough mercenaries (even if it's just for your coffee break).
Too much action? Try Big Kahuna Reef it's Delightful. Big Kahuna Reef presents beautiful graphics and game play and will keep your family entertained for hours. Play Big Kahuna Reef with friends or family in the office or at home with the kids.
We have over 150 games, you can download and demo any of them free! Have a look around, you're sure to find "the" free game you want. If you like classic dragonball,loadrunner,pokemon style games, you're gonna love our site. Return whenever you like, we always have new free games to try.

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Our current list of available games is well over 150 (we're adding more each week)
Last month's top 20 arcade downloads are:
Ricochet recharged,
Alien shooter,
Brave Piglet,
Big Kahuna reef (diving adventure),
Trivia Machine,
Gold Miner,
Feeding frenzy,
Jewel quest,
Ricochet lost worlds,
Mah jong quest,
Magic vines,
Alien sky,
Dr Blob's organism,
Gunner 2 (War),
Brixout XP,
Cookie chef (puzzle fun),
Slick Ball,
Poker (card fun),
Slingo (bingo).
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Here is what the had to say about casual games which we found sums up the casual games industry in a nut shell:
June 17th, 2004: "Casual Video games are serious business" ( Casual games. Coffee-break games. Web games. Call them what you will, they're big business and getting bigger. Which is why distributors of the tiny video casual games -- like Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo -- are poised to expand their services even further, proving they're not just playing around.
But there is some concern that enthusiastic developers, in their eagerness to be creative, may neglect the characteristics that the casual games audience finds so appealing: simplicity, low price, the ease with which they can be learned, their replayability, and their addictiveness.
Seattle-based PopCap Games, for example, a developer which hit it big in 2001 with the now-classic casual games "Bejeweled," is working on a role-playing game (RPG) that can be tackled in a 15-minute coffee break. Founder and president Brian Fiete acknowledges that gamers think of puzzle, word, and card games -- not RPGs -- when they think of casual games.
"We see casual games going in other directions than just puzzle games," he says. "We want to expand the market -- on known genres like RPGs and racing and strategy games -- before we get locked into it. We see the two markets -- casual and hardcore games -- converging in the future. That'll be a good challenge for us."
Similarly, independent casual games publisher GarageGames in Eugene, Oregon, is feeling the pressure to "add more poundage to the games," as marketing director Jay Moore puts it. "The pallets of the gamers have become more sophisticated and they seem to want more 'stuff' in their casual games -- more music, extra art. That brings it a little closer to the production values of the games on the retail shelves."
But there's still quite a difference between what it takes to build a tiny, 10-megabyte casual games and what it costs to develop a large "hardcore" -- or non-casual -- games. The average casual games are built in nine months, often by a team of three to five people at a cost of about $100,000. Compare that to a triple-A title at a large publisher like Electronic Arts which can require hundreds of people working for 18 months at a cost similar to making a small movie. If the casual games bring in $300,000, it's considered profitable. A hardcore game can rake in $50 million. Atari's blockbuster "Enter The Matrix," for example, sold 4 million copies and brought in $250 million worldwide.
Given the pint-size revenue that casual games generate, what do the largest distributors of the casual games find so enticing? Several things, actually, the primary one being return on investment (ROI). The distributors rarely pay developers an advance. When the casual games are sold online -- typically at $19.95 -- the distributor can take as much as 75% depending on its contract with the developer. The distributor has no production or replication costs for the casual games, no inventory expenses, minimal distribution costs, and no involvement with retailers.
"Our expenses are limited to some administrative and billing costs, and a small amount of Internet operations costs. And that's pretty much it," said Greg Canessa, group manager of Xbox casual games at Microsoft.
Not only does Microsoft find the ROI of casual indie games attractive, but also the demographics of the players. According to a Nielsen NetRatings report this week, over 46 million people -- or one in three online Americans -- visited an online casual games site in May. Of those, the single highest user group was women ages 35-49. And Nielsen declared online casual games sites the "stickiest" category of Web sites, meaning online indie gamers spent more time playing games in May than did other Web users on sports or news sites.
Indeed, according to a study conducted for AOL, female gamers over 40 spend the most hours per week playing online casual games -- 9.1 hours or 41% of their online time vs. 6.1 hours or 26% for men. Women seem to enjoy the word and puzzle casual games that are common on casual games sites (compared to the sports and shooting games that men prefer). And they play to relieve stress and to chat with other online gamers, "much the same way that people sit around a card table and play and talk, when they are there primarily just to talk," says Matthew Bromberg, general manager of games at AOL.
At Microsoft's MSN Games site, 8.7 million unique users show up monthly, each of whom spends an average 129 minutes playing casual games. Two out of three of those players are female. That's up 43% from the 6.1 million users who visited MSN Games in June, 2002.
Microsoft's Canessa describes those millions of primarily older women as "a tremendous asset, and we're working to extend the asset to other Microsoft platforms." Like the Xbox console, which currently counts 14 million users, mostly male. This fall, Microsoft will introduce a new Xbox Live Arcade service chockfull of casual games in the hopes that women will find the Xbox as attractive a platform for casual games as they do the PC. His goal is to increase the number of Xbox console users from 14 million to 100 million.
"We're hoping that Xbox Live Arcade will do that for us," says Canessa. "It'll be a service very much like MSN Games. You can use the Xbox to try a casual game for free and then, if you like it and want to buy it, all you have to do is click a button and it downloads onto your Xbox hard drive. It's a one-click shop. Because the customers will already be Xbox Live subscribers, we have their credit card number and know who they are."
Microsoft hasn't worked out the pricing structure yet, but it may be similar to what it charges for downloads on MSN Games -- $19.95 to $24.95 per game.
"Our motivation is for the content of casual games to be compelling and affordable," he adds. "We want to be able to maintain the product's appeal across the broadest amount of gamers possible."
In its initial version, game downloads will be Xbox Live Arcade's only revenue stream, compared to the MSN Games site which also profits from advertising, advergames (games in which advertisers pay for product positions), and skill-based wagering through a partner company,
Similarly, AOL plans to expand its casual game services in the next 120 days with a skill-based wagering environment of its own.
"No, this isn't gambling, which is illegal," says AOL's Bromberg. "The distinction is that gambling involves games of chance; this involves games of skill. You'll see all sorts of casual games -- word games, puzzles, chess, and others -- which you'll be able to play against a buddy. You'll be able to invite them into a game room, agree on how much you want to wager, and then you play. The wagering is done by credit card and AOL gets a percentage. It's a small amount that we'd prefer not to disclose."
AOL also profits from advertising from a wide sector of consumer brands -- like Kraft, Verizon, and all the major movie studios -- which it shows while casual games are loading and during intermissions. And, in addition to selling casual games downloads, it partners with Electronic Arts' on a premium service that charges $20 a year for enhanced games and features.
Dan Hart, general manager of Yahoo Games, declined to discuss what's on the horizon in terms of new casual games services, although he hinted that it may integrate gaming with Yahoo's Instant Messenger service as well as with avatars, the images that represent players in online casual games.
Currently, Yahoo profits from casual games in ways similar to the MSN and AOL sites, including advertising, game sales, and a premium gaming service. There are no plans to add wagering.
While none of the three distributors would discuss the revenue that casual games generate for them, Schelley Olhava, a video games analyst at research firm IDC, reports that last year an estimated 2.6 million casual games were purchased at a total of $52.7 million. She expects to see triple-digit sales growth this year. And, in 2007, she estimates that 36.8 million online games will be purchased for total sales of $762 million, up 1300% over last year.
"There will be attempts on the part of the distributors to monetize the casual gamer, not just in terms of game downloads but also subscription opportunities and advertising, as well as more advergames," she says.
Whether over-enthusiasm on the part of the developers to build games that don't fit the "casual game model" will hurt sales is anybody's guess.
"The developers are gamers themselves and always want to push the envelope on the games they make," Olhava adds. "But if they try to make something bigger or more complex -- and people don't play it or buy it -- at the end of the day, business will win out. The developers will get the hint quickly enough that this isn't what the casual gamer wants."
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